Sunday, August 31, 2008


i was reading blogs earlier, when i decided to check out what my boss's column at the philippine star will contain tomorrow. and now i still can't wipe the smile off my face. my boss, butch dalisay, mentioned me in his column. i'm ecstatic. wahoo!

to check out what he wrote, read this.

Monday, August 25, 2008

the state of constraint: new work by oulipo

today i started reading a lovely little volume titled the state of constraint: new work by oulipo. i got my copy from a secondhand bookstore at a nearby mall. now i find out that this book is second of a set of three called mcsweeney's #22. this is what i get for buying secondhand. i want all three! argh. i guess i have to order it. if it's still available. argh! if you're curious about the whole book, find more information here.

an attempt to explain my blog title

i feel the need to explain my choice of blog title, so here goes.

i picked "i am jose claudio" because that's who i am. i have two first names, jose and claudio. jose is my grandfather's (mommy's dad) name. claudio is my father's name. my parents originally wanted to name me after my two grandfathers, but my other grandfather's name was rizal, and if they kept to the original plan, i'd end up having the same name as our national hero. so my parents scrapped plan a and picked plan b, jose claudio. (several years ago, i found out there was a plan c. mommy wanted to name me jewel. oh to go back in time and cast my vote.)

jose claudio appears in all of my official papers: my birth certificate, identification cards, my passport, credit card, payslip, and byline. and it is this last item that has to do with this blog. whenever i publish anything, i use my full name, jose claudio b. guerrero. this causes problems because only a handful of people know me by that name. for most everyone, i am butch guerrero... or a version of butch. for some reason people refuse to accept my monosyllabic self. (i am always expanded to butchie or bootchick or butchiki or booboo or butchelles. when i was fresh out of college, dr. consolacion alaras christened me butchibutch, and to this day my friends from the philippine centennial commission call me by that name. )

since i very rarely publish, this non-recognition hasn't been much of a problem. but now that i've decided to take this 'i am a writer' thing more seriously, people will have to learn to connect me to jose claudio. so the next time you come across a jose claudio b. guerrero byline, do me a kindness and connect it to butch guerrero.

and come september 1, when the don carlos palanca memorial awards for literature is given out and they announce jose claudio b. guerrero, believe that it's me who won the first prize in the essay in english category. i am jose claudio. (wahaha! forgive me if i sound like i'm bragging. hmn... maybe i am. haha. but hey, i think i've earned it. it took me years to muster enough courage to join the contest. and it also took me years to revise that essay.)

this will do for now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Poet PAOLO MANALO, essayist BUTCH GUERRERO, and fictionist BAMBI HARPER are this month's readers at READ LIT DISTRICT: your monthly dose of literature read out loud. They will be accompanied on the piano by ALBERT ROLDAN of the U.P. College of Music.

This month's READ LIT DISTRICT is on August 28, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. at the Jorge Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. The performance is open to the public.

READ LIT DISTRICT is a project of the Creative Writing Committee of the U.P. Department of English and Comparative Literature. All readers are faculty members and students of the Department's Creative Writing Program.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so this is my fourth attempt at starting a blog

so this is my fourth attempt at starting a blog. at present, i am maintaining (barely!) two others, one in friendster and another in livejournal. the first blog i started, i can't even remember anymore. one day i will bring all three extant blogs together. i wish myself good luck and constant willingness to blog my navel.

this will do for now.