Wednesday, July 28, 2010


so the past few weeks have been particularly rough on the junior faculty members of the department. and my personal budget's a mess because of all the unexpected costs incurred trying to meet the many demands of the department's activities. and i've been ill due to all the physical and emotional stress. and we are all still waiting to be properly acknowledged for all the work we've done. and i've been asking myself if i really want to stay in a community that sees us more as pledges than colleagues. and i've been wondering if this is the life i want for myself. and then this morning, out of nowhere, a message appears in my facebook account. and this is how it goes.

Dear Sir Butch,

Do you remember back in '07, you told me that I should write more? (I took your Flash Fiction CW10 class). I just wanted to say that it took a couple of years before I could really take it seriously (being busy with the Engineering studies) and but I've always wanted to continue writing during my free time. So I made it so it would be manageable (well, at least, as best as I could).

I've attached a link to my online journal here. I hope you could check it out and give your own input so that I can develop further. I may have forgotten some of the lessons in writing fiction (you'll notice) -- but I find I've started to lean towards gonzo journalism lately anyway.

Just wanted to drop in and thank you for the experience in Creative Writing. It was so worth it :D How's the Press doing? Hope you are well!